Ogishima Lab

Dept. of Informatics for Genomic Medicine, Tohoku University

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ToMMo building


ゲノム医科学情報学分野 Dept. of Informatics for Genomic Medicine

東北大学 東北メディカル・メガバンク機構 / 医学系研究科

Tohoku University Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization / School of Medicine


Our laboratory is dedicated to the research of informatics in the field of genomic medicine. We integrate genomic, omics, medical, and other data to elucidate the mechanisms of disease onset and progression against the background of genetic factors for each individual and the influence of environmental factors, using informatics approaches such as large-scale data analysis and machine learning. In multifactorial diseases, it is necessary to conduct disease research as a transition of the disease state that also takes comorbidity into account. Therefore, we aim to establish a new concept of disease based on intrinsic molecular pathological transitions that take into account comorbidity and other factors.


Past posts FY2021 | FY2020